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Website - "Clackamas County" - Concept

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Description / Credits

Clackamas County has a very rough existing website like other government agencies alike. For this project I decided to take the challenge of redesigning their existing website to help organize content and make things more readily available. I stuck with a main top navigation with a drop down menu as well as a popular navigation on the left and news and events on the right. I feel I made the website more appealing for viewers as well as organizing the information so it is easily accessible.

This website is another concept and was only used as a personal project. I designed and programmed the home page as well as three other pages for examples. This is not the existing website for Clackamas County or a design that has ever been used by Clackamas County. I only did this for practice and to show that I could organize content with both design and front end development. Again, all the content within these designs are either fictional or from Clackamas County's existing website.

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